Monday, 17 April 2017

Wash Away The Dust

Good morning and Happy Easter Monday. I'm very happy to be sharing my second 'rusty' piece with you today.

This is a mixture of new and very old stamps, and I love how well they all work together.
For more pictures visit me at Sue The Iron, and please bring chocolate 'cos I've not had an Easter egg this year!
Have a lovely day, Sue xx


Corrie Herriman said...

Love this Sue ! Gorgeous colours together.
Corrie x

Hazel Agnew said...

I love it too Sue. Bet that you have scoffed an egg by now, and I don't mean a Chucky one! Xx

Brenda Brown said...

Great sample for the theme Sue. Hope someone gave you an egg eventually xxx

Miriam said...

Beautiful Sue. The stamp suits it s well!

butterfly said...

Just love this!
Alison x