Friday 25 October 2013

Whoooo-hoo...... Here's Debbie's project, are you scared yet?

Closer and closer we get, are you getting scared yet? lol Today it's the turn of our third Top3 GDT to show what she can do and..... oh my.... get ready..... it's Debbie aka Daqa with a VERY scarey card!

"Peek-a-BOO! When I opened my mail I was surprised, I was a winner of the August challenge! That allready is an honour, and on top of that the invitation to be a guest designer! Wauw. I ofcourse said yes, even promising I'd skip sleep to finish my cards on time. I almost had to. What a difficult subject (for me). Spooky. I thought Halloween (although it's hardly celebrated in my country). I thought ghosts, chesspieces (yes I consider those optionally spooky, don't evil masterminds always play chess?), paintings with holes for eyes, being watched, evil creatures, spooky fairytales.

This is my 4th try at spooky. It all started (this fourth attempt) with the word BOO, and remembering I had glow-in-the-dark embossing powder, which just screamed to be used. (Well it more like insisted to be used for something spooky.) The background is self-made, the result of a previous attempt for a spooky card. I stamped the Steampunk letters in black and embossed it with glow-in-the dark embossing powder. The cat peeking through a hole is originally a cute cat image which I made a bit more feral - narrow eyes, fangs and claws. The frame stamp is a bit idyllic, which adds to the horror part of my card. I also was thinking about more horror, placing a happy, unaware victim in front of the cat, but decided I'd go for a bit more subtlety. I think many cat owners (or should I say, visitors of cat owners?) can imagine a (young) cat jumping you from out of nowhere.

The water droplets, raindrops and trickling water are stamped in Festive Berries (oh the irony) and Clarinet Stazon for a bloody effect. Remember the dead mice. The mangled rats, frogs and even small bunnies. I inked the edges of the card a bit and then it was time for more glow in the dark embossing: a tiny brush, my embossing ink and quite some patience resulted in an embossed cat's eye, and embossed and enlarged fangs and claws. Yep, remember your hand after playing with them? (Oh I should have added scratches!)

Before matting the card onto the black cardstock I restamped the frame stamp on the black card and embossed the image with black embossing powder. Finished! Now all that was left, was just to take good pictures to show the effect. Right... "just"...

A more detailed description (and a lot more pictures) about the creation of this card (including mistakes) and used materials can be found on my blog. (I'll try to use less parentheses there!)"

Wow! It might not have been your first attempt Debbie but look what you ended up with! Very creative and definitely one that says "Boo!" Thank you! Do CLICK HERE and visit Debbie's blog to see what else she's up to.

We sill have another project to come and, oh my, it's definitely worth waiting for.... in a few days.... lol.  xxx