Thursday 19 February 2015

Doreen's put a beautiful new spin on the rain!

Greetings folks!

Not long to go 'til the weekend and Doreen is here today with another beautiful tag to share and motivate us until we get there...

Hello, I am back with my third share this month and another technique I don't use very often. Again, more details of the making of this from here.

Another fab' saying Doreen and what a beautiful tag - great imagery and a gorgeous palette - thank you!

Whether you like making tags or cards, journals, scrapbooks or home decor, whatever your partiality, we want to see what you're up to!  Remember we have a short month, this month, so there is just over a week to go.

Gabrielle will be entertaining us on Saturday with another kewl make so come back and join us.  Until then, keep safe and keep warm!

Chris and the team xxx