Monday 13 July 2020

Painting pots makes me very happy!!!!

Hello there! Rachel here and today and I want to share my love of painting pottery with you today! I have painted a cake stand that is a birthday present for a family member - her birthday has passed now so should be okay to show this on here. I used two aall and create stamp sets to create this. When I stamp up my pots I use any ink will all burn off in the kiln. Since I have to overpaint everything I usually stamp in a colour that I will not use in the painting. In this picture you can see the stamped creation with only limited painting  (in black).

The glazes I paint with are specialist - not nomal paints but any pottery painting studio will let you bring your stamps and paint their pots with their glazes.
Here's the finished piece... fully glazed, overglazed and fired....

There's more details over on my blog here.I look forward to seeing what makes you happy!


Rachel xx