Sunday 24 March 2013

Using the linkie with images...

Morning everyone, hope you're safe and warm in this bitter weather!

A quick word about the linkie tool and picking up images from your url, I've answered several via email but there are still comments about it so please read on if it affects you... 

If the linkie isn't finding images it is because you're using the url of a main page not the SPECIFIC url of the piece that includes the image. I had this same problem when I first started to use it on other challenge sites until someone explained to me that if I clicked on the exact post that contained the image the linkie would pick up the images there and allow you to choose which one. If you're pointing to a general page containing a lot of posts it will not give you the option of seeing the images there. You don't have to be using blogger, it can be a standard web page, Pinterest, Facebook, whatever, just make sure you have the url of the piece containing the SPECIFIC picture(s).For future reference you can find the InLinkz info HERE and I'll add it to the sidebar.

Have a great weekend folks and watch for another make VERY shortly.

Chris xxx