Thursday 19 September 2013

Brenda's second project

How generous our DTMs are! Every month they donate at least two makes to our challenge and they're all works of art. There's no exception today - here is a gorgeous project from Brenda !!

Recently I was involved in an ICAD (Index Card A Day or aka a Skinny) swap and made two skinny cards (3 x 5 ins) and an envelope for each of them.
The first had a steampunk theme to it.....
.... and I used both metal and wooden embellishments on the envelope.
The second had a Time theme and I used a die-cut pocket watch on the card ......

.... and an acetate clock face on the second envelope.
The layers have been built up using gesso, sprayed inks, stamping, masking, embossing, papers and embellishments. For more details pop over to my blog where you can see lots more photos.

Wow, these are beautiful Brenda, thank you !!

Have these given you more inspiration for your layers? We hope so!

More in a few days. xxx