Thursday 4 July 2013

Rosie x–Our DTM’s Special Mention

 Happy Birthday America and happy Independence Day to our American followers, have a wonderful day!

In May we introduced the ‘DTMSM’ award – the Design Team member’s special mention. This is awarded by whichever DTM has chosen the topic for the month to the entry which they think has shown the most creativity and originality in their project. The winner of this award also has the opportunity to guest with us...

Rosie x - DTM's Special Mention Winner, May

Rosiesummer sizzler
“I have chosen to make a Suitcase Full of Blooms, as my initial thought at the challenge title made me think of summer holidays.  Then I thought of our own English summer and decided that even if the weather wasn't sizzling here, the colour of the flowers in my garden would be.”
What a stunning array of flowers Rosie and a fabulous idea! Thank you for guesting for us this month and sharing such a beautiful project with us!

Another inspirational piece will be posted in a few days. Have fun! xxx